Why in the World Have a Sale of Summer Beach Books in … Winter?

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Our first ever BOGO-1/2 Sale – Buy One, Get One at Half Off – comes to an end Friday. It’s been hot. The $19.95 books are going two for $29.90 – with FREE shipping. They’ve been selling. One reader even bought two BOGOs – in essence the full set of Hatteras Island, Ocracoke, Topsail Island and Wrightsville Beach.

Friday’s the last chance. We call it the End-of-Winter Sale. And Friday, March 20, is the end of winter. You can get any two of the award-winning winning coastal books at www.RayMcAllister.com.

Until midnight.

Then it’s over.

But why? Why in the world have a sale of summer beach books in … winter? The winter weather only now is breaking. Only now are people thinking of warm weather and the beach – and even beginning to head to the beach. Easter weekend is an unofficial start of the beach season.

So why stop the sale?

In a word, bookstores.

Spring is when the small bookstores start selling books about these beaches and islands that so many people love. They sell them in spring, they sell them in huge numbers in summer, of course, and they sell them in fall. Small bookstores up and down the North Carolina coast sell our books. Once their seasons end, we’ll introduce another sale in time for the end-of-year holidays.

But during warm weather, we want to steer all our friends to the stores.

After Friday, that is.

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  1. Steve Griffin says:

    Just finished Wrightsville Beach…. Simply a great read. Ray does a fantastic job of taking you along to the dance floor at Lumina, the great fire, hurricane Hazel weaving in Wrightsville’s rich history with interviews with people with great stories. Truly enjoyed it.

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