The Richmond Forum, Cal Ripken, and Russell Wilson

Had a GREAT discussion of The Richmond Forum Thursday at the Shepherd Center’s Open University on Thursday (April 7). Even ran into two ladies with ties to the predecessor Forum, which was begun in 1964 — and is described in the new book, The Forum Files. One was part of the Unitarian Church that, spearheaded by Ralph Krueger, established that forum. The other was a patient of Krueger’s father, a dentist up in Schenectady, New York. 14-year-old Russell Wilson, left, at The Richmond Forum with baseball superstar Cal Ripken, next to him, in 2003.

Meanwhile, the enthusiastic crowd loved the pics from the book, several dozen of which I showed — including this from 2003 with baseball superstar Cal Ripken and, on the left, a 14-year-old ballplayer … Russell Wilson, now a football superstar himself who just appeared Saturday night at the Forum.

Wow. Talk about full circle.

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